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Stock: In stock - ships in 1-2 business day Rating: III - Contains unsuitable contents for those under the age of 18 years. Region Code: All Region Picture Format: NTSC Format: DVD Language(s): Cantonese, Mandarin Distributor: Panorama Distributions Co Ltd Artist(s): Yeung Shi Man, Lee Yua Ching, Tsui Fei Chi Northern Song Dynasty, Ximen Qing, a lustful and wealthy merchant is dead and undergoes the last judgement in the Palace of Yama in hell, the court of the lord of death. His crimes committed on earth are fully shown. Ximen Qing is born a womanizer, with numerous wives and concubines, he still continues to have sex with different women, including prostitutes, maids, married women, virgins and so on. In order to coax the beautiful wives, he persecutes their husbands...Yama feels indignation and discloses more secrets ── his beloved concubine Golden Lotus is not only as lascivious as Ximen Qing but also as vicious. She poisons her own husband Wu Da Lang, abuses her servants and commits lustful affaires... Finally, Ximen Qing has to face a surprsing penalty that he deserves... ,
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Nghệ Thuật Giới Tính 2 DVD

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