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sao rorn sorn ruk 2003 Catergory: Cat 3 Korea - Other
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Sao Rorn Sorn Ruk (2003)DVDRip.Serial Kisser (18++)

Directed: N/A Genre: Drama, Romance, Erotic Film Rating: Thailand 18++ Runtime: 1hr 23mn Also Known As: สาวร้อนสอนรัก, Hot girls love teaching Country: Thailand Language: Thai Subtitles: N/A Year: 2003

Cast: Nat Ketsarin / Natt Chanapa / Nong Nat ( or whatever she calls herself now a days)

Plot: A young woman torn between two lovers and her lover getting involve with loan shark. Sex, lies and betrayal all building up to tragic ending.A really good Thai erotic movie, if you like beautiful, semi-nude Thai girls. Nat Kesarin is the babe that Thailand exports to the world, which make us lust for her in delirium.

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sao rorn sorn ruk 2003

Sao Rorn Sorn Ruk (2003)

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