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Nurse's Confession (2009)

Genre: Drama, Erotic,Pinku

Runtime: 1hr 20mn

Also Known As: Nurse no Zangyo

Country: Japanese | Language: Japanese

Subtitles: English (.srt) | Year: 2009

Cast: Sora Aoi, Akari Hoshino, Minami Aoyama, Nana Nanaumi, Hiroaki Kawazure, Nobu Morimoto

Plot: Yukiko is a nurse working at a general hospital. Because of the long, hard hours she keeps, she is under a great deal of stress. One day, she meets Kenta, a handsome patient hospitalized with a broken leg. After an unexpected turn of p g p events, they end up having about of wild, hospital sex. Yukiko falls madly in love with him and has never felt so happy. Meanwhile, Taeko, Yukiko’s fellow nurse, is dating an intern who is heir to a fantastic fortune. Taeko shows all her skills in sadomasochistic play as she trains Dr. Yamada to obey her every command. Kaori, a humble, somewhat square nurse, releases her daily stress with bouts of shopping which only drag her deeper into debt. Then she starts working as an “actress” at the Image Club.

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nurses confession 2009

Nurse's Confession (2009)

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