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You are here: Home / Cat III / Twenty (Korean) 2001 Twenty (Korean) 2001 December 11, 2008 By MostlySonny 1 Comment * Asian Movie * Asian Movies * Language Course * College student jobs Aka: Seumusal Year: 2001 Directed: Jeong-gyun Shin Genre: Drama, Erotic, Cat III Runtime: 01:34 Country: Korea Language: Korean Subtitles: English Hardsubbed Cast: Ha-na Lee, Jin-won Seo, Yeong-woong Chae IMDB: Seumusal Synopsis / Plot Highschool student Myeong-ju dreams of becoming an actress and begins sleeping with the equally young Seong-ho who wants to be a movie director. Myeong-ju is convinced its love, but Seong-ho is more interested in filming her naked. When Myeong-ju’s mother walks in on them having sex, it’s the end of Myeong-ju’s dreams and the beginning of a harsh reality,
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Tuổi 20 - Twenty (Korea)

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